Vikingred breed information

swedish redOne efficient breeding program with strong emphasis on health, calving's and fertility has made the VikingRed world famous as a functional and profitable cow - the Crown Jewel of the Red breeds. VikingRed is a robust and healthy dairy cow, with an excellent fertility, health and tremendous calving ease. In addition to that VikingRed is the only red breed in the world that can compete with Holsteins when it comes to production.

The VikingRed cow is a red medium sized cow, medium size about 140 cm and 550 kg mature weight. VikingRed is successfully used as a breed improver not only in other red populations world wide, but also for cross breeding with Holstein to improve fertility, calving ease and udder health.

Breed statistics VikingRed (2013)

Trait Value
No. of cows 290 400
Milk 8 674 kg
Fat 374 kg
Fat % 4,31
Protein 304 kg
Protein % 3,5
Fat + Protein 678 kg
Still births % * 5,36
Difficult calvings % * 3,46
Calving-first ins 86 days
Calving interval 13,1 months
Ins/pregnancy 1,75
SCC 81 000

* All records from first calvings

The VikingRed  breed

The VikingRed cows can compete with Holsteins when it comes to production. It's a fact that the VikingRed bulls ranks highly according to Interbull. Their foreign daughters in countries world wide also shows the excellence of the breed. The higher components make the breed an excellent choice for producing milk for cheese production, which is the case in Italy were VikingRed cows produce milk for world famous Parmesan cheese. 

Easy Calvings

VikingRed is probably the best breed in the world when it comes to calving ease. The outstanding easy calving's in combination with the low incidence of still born calves is a good ground for a good economy of the herd. This does not only give the heifer a good start of her lactation but also more calves for replacement and sale. For pure bred heifers the average for calving problems is only about 4% and some SRB sires give as low frequency of calving problems as 1%. SRB is therefore a excellent choice for insemination of heifers.

Female fertility

Cows that get pregnant and calve every year are important for the economy of the dairy herd. Geneticists confirm that selection sole for production will lead to loss in the ability to conceive. Female fertility has been included in the NTM (Nordic Total Merit) index since 1972, facilitate a combination of a tremendous positive trend for production with maintained fertility.

Udder health

Johanna 170: VikingRed (sire: O Brolin) x Holstein Production: 305 days: 11.211 kg milk 4.53% fat 3.96% protein 134 LW Owner: Fam. Houwing, Nieuw Weerdinge, the Netherlands

Mastitis and high cell counts are causing big economic losses in high-production dairies. The VikingRed has substantially lower cell counts compared to Holsteins and very low incidence of mastitis. In the breeding program, information on cell counts and clinical mastitis (compulsory reported by vets) are included.


Traits like udder health, fertility, calving ability and udder conformation all have a proven effect on longevity. Healthy cows live longer, it is as simple as that. The VikingRed cow are healthy, have easy calvings and are able to resist stress caused by high production – giving you room to sell animals or growth of the herd.