Result after 10 years

Where do I stand after 10 years of Procrossing?

After ten years of ProCROSsing you will have your own ProCROSS herd. At that time you will milk cows sired from the three different breeds used in ProCROSS; the Swedish Red, the Montbéliarde and the Holstein. 

7 major strengths for your herd

ProCROSS cows have 7 major strengths in relation to pure breeds: Insemination, Cell count, Productive lifetime, Veterinarian costs,  Production level, lower Labor costs and feed Efficiency.

  1. Fertility: The number of inseminations that you need per cow will be much lower. ProCROSS cows have proven to be more fertile. Fertility is one of the strengths from the Swedish Red as well as the Montbéliarde breed that are used in ProCROSS. This means that you need less semen and inseminations to get your cows pregnant. More important you will cull less cows because of fertiltiy problems. You need less young stock. A big money saver.

  2. Feed efficiency: ProCROSS cows have a more stable body weight during the lactation. Their metobolic system is more stable then from the Holstein cow. The Holstein starts the lactaton with to much body conditions and needs energy to convert her bodyfat to milk. In the end of the lactation the Holstein is to frail. ProCROSS cows can focus on producing milk from the feed they eat. Their feed effieciency is much better.

  3. Cell count: Swedish Red and Montbéliarde also are breeds that have excellent udder health. The udders of the Montbéliarde have tremendous quality and structure. Swedish Red also have substantially lower cell counts compared to Holsteins and very low incidence of mastitis. Your ProCROSS will need less antibiotics then your current Holsteins.

  4. Productive Lifetime: The ProCROSS cow does improve every lactation and produces more easily then your Holsteins. Your ProCROSS cows will stay 1 full lactation longer. This results in lower numbers of young stock. When looking at lifetime production: the ProCROSS cow is the kind of cow you want!

  5. Veterinarian costs: The ProCROSS cow is a much stronger cow than the pure Holstein. The Montbéliarde breed offers a lot of strength and excellent feet and legs. Swedish Reds are real healthy cows, just like the Montbéliardes. This makes the ProCROSS cow a much stronger cow. An extra benefit is heterosis. It is proven that heterosis has a positive influence on most health traits. Veterinarian cost go down with 30 to 40%.

  6. Production level: The ProCROSS heiffers do produce almost the same kgs of milk as the Holstein heiffers. As older calvers they even produce more milk per lactation. The lifetime production of the ProCROSS cow is higher. 

  7. Labour: The ProCROSS cow is a great cow to work with. They have better health traits and therefore less trouble. They simply do not need as much attention as your Holstein cow.


G1 (MON x HF) in her fifth lactation,
producing over 15.000 kgs of milk