ProCROSS Ranking

To help dairy farmers select the best fitting A.I. bulls for their ProCROSS rotation program, the ProCROSS team has developed a new and userfriendly tool:  ProCROSS Ranking (called PCR). PCR is a practical selection tool that reranks bulls from their original pure breeding goal, ISU from France and NTM from Denmark, Finland and Sweden. PCR will help ProCROSS dairy farmers around the globe to make bull selection easier for their crossbreeding program.

PCR Overall breeding goal:
Breed an average-sized, long-lasting and high producing cow requiring less labor and veterinarian support.

PCR Solids & PCR Liquid
Due to variations in local milk payment policies, ProCROSS offers two options to choose between:

Focusing on bulls transmitting higher quantity of protein and fat.

Focusing on bulls transmitting higher volume of liquid milk.

All other traits are equally weighed in both PCR options.

PCR: greater emphasis on crossbreeding goals - what specific traits? How is it different from pure breeding?
Since ProCROSS is recognized as the leading 3-breed rotation system bringing economic gains through heterosis and breed
complementarities for Health, Fertility, Production and Survival, some important traits have been emphasized in PCR for mating

  • SIZE
    Uniformity in size of the herd is one of the main goals of PCR. Taking into account the three breed differences in that specific trait, PCR includes higher scores for VikingRed bulls breeding taller animals but also for Montbeliarde bulls that breed
    average-sized cows.
    Over the years, focus on the production traits in pure breeding has decreased in favor of higher functional traits. Thanks to large crossbreeding effects favoring those lower heritability traits, PCR is focusing more on production traits.
    To assure higher productions, PCR has increased udder weights on both Montbeliarde and VikingRed bulls.
    Other specific traits have been introduced or modified to a higher weight according to each breed (Temperament and Calving ease for Montbeliarde, Other diseases for VikingRed). In order to compensate for those changes, weight of some traits corresponding to breed strengths have been reduced (Calving Ease for VikingRed, Fertility for Montbeliarde)

What is the validity of PCR as a sire selection tool? Who made it?
ProCROSS Ranking has been developed by breeding departments within VikingGenetics, supplier of VikingRed and Coopex Montbeliarde, supplier of Montbeliarde bulls. This ranking classifies bulls in order to help mate ProCROSS cows. Because of its specific crossbreeding application, it does not represent a long term selection index within VikingRed or Montbeliarde breeds.

What Is PCR’S means of expression? Are the three breed PCR lists comparable?
PCR means of expression is based on an average of 500 unit points for both PCR Liquid and Solids, with the lowest at 400 and the highest slightly over 600 points. The two breeds have their own unique PCR, and therefore cannot be compared across breeds.

Where can I find PCR lists?
After each index run the ProCROSS Rankings (both Liquid and Solids) for all available Montbeliarde and VikingRed bulls will be
updated. Please contact your local distributor for information on local PCR lists. Global list available here.

Main changes for VikingRed from NTM to PCR
Weight on production and udder have been increased: Targeting high levels of production.
Weight on frame has been increased: Assuring homogeneous size at herd level.
Weight on other diseases has been increased: VikingRed asset - highly correlated to longevity.
Weight on calving traits has been decreased: VikingRed asset, all VikingRed bulls excel at it.

Main changes for Coopex Montbeliarde from ISU to PCR
Weight on udder conformation has been increased: Handling high levels of production.
Weight on stature has been increased: Favoring medium size - Penalizing tall or small.  
Weight on positive temperament and easier calving. Making cow & calf management easier.
Weight on fertility and rump have been slightly decreased: Montbeliarde breed strengths.

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