Sven Johnsson Joins Procross Team as new Export Sales Manager

Sven Johnsson Joins Procross Team as new Export Sales Manager

Assentoft, DK, Aug 19th 2016,

Sven Johnsson has joined the Procross team as Export Sales Manager and will have general oversight of several markets of importance. 
“Sven has a wealth of experience in the dairy cattle breeding and A.I. industry, including a thorough understanding of evaluation systems, genomics, crossbreeding concepts, breeding services  along with a strong marketing experience that will make him an asset to our global business,” commented Stephane Fitamant,  Manager at Procross. “His past work experience as a business area Manager, leading a team of advisors for Växa Sverige, along with his ability to work in a team atmosphere, aligns extremely well with this new position within Procross.”

He will be responsible for several strategic markets for Procross such as the UK, Netherlands, and Scandinavia and will contribute also the US and German markets. His goal will be to grow the brand’s notoriety by engaging a close cooperation with Procross distributor organizations, marketing and staff.

Being fueled by a large commitment to agriculture in general, and the milk production in particular, Sven describes his mission to be helpful to get milk producers to monetize their business. Sven has been very active in the dairy and AI industry for many years. In his most recent position as a Business area Manager for Växa Sverige (local AI Coop , shareholder of Viking Genetics), he has been overseeing the sales and service development leading a staff of local breeding advisors in south and west Sweden.

He will be based out of Falkenberg, Sweden