Family Molendijk, Lattrop, Netherlands

MOLENDIJK Family, Latrop, THE Netherlands

Jan en Frederique Molendijk

In Lattrop, which lies in the eastern part of the Netherlands, Jan and Frederique Molendijk milk almost 100 cows. Their herd average is 10.666 kg milk with 4,51% fatt and 3,50% protein. The Molendijks were happy with their production but fertility problems and the will to survive was missing in their herd. They needed 2,5 upto 3,0 doses to get their cows pregnant.

An experiment

Enough reasons for Jan to start up an experiment. He decided to inseminate some of his cows to the VikingRed bull R David, known for his high yielding daughters and their excellent longlivity.

Fertility improved a lot; all milking 8 R Davids are pregnant. Six of them only needed 1 insemination, 1 cow was 3 times and another one 4 times inseminated before getting pregnant. On average the result is 1,6. A giant step forward compared to his Holsteins. And these cows now have a strong will to produce milk. They produce on average 6% above the rest of the herd.

Jan is very happy with his G1-crossbreds. He finds them much stronger and vital. The udders are well shaped, legs are very clean with hoofs as hard as glass. Their bodycondition is better and also more stable, this makes them easy producers with no extra care needed.

switching to Procross 

The test with R David was so much appreciated that Jan en Frederique decided to change completely to ProCROSS. All cows are now inseminated with Montbéliardes and all heiffers with a VikingRed bull.

Udder form R Davids daugther Udder from R Davids daughter